Knit Aid

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Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can help refugees through knitting or crocheting for them.

Please see information below for the types of knits we are currently accepting.


Collection deadline (UK):

Friday 30th March 2018


1. Choose what you'd like to knit/crochet

We work with volunteers on the ground who are working with refugees to make sure we are only sending what is needed and requested by refugees themselves. Because of this, our collection list can vary, so please only send in what is listed below for the current collection time.
You can use our fundraising knitting patterns here, or use your own. You can choose any yarn you like, providing it is comfortable, warm and in dark colours. If you have ideas on sending us other than what is listed below, please contact us before sending.


Winter warmer sets

Sets made up of beanie, snood/scarf and gloves are the most useful type of donation.
All sizes.

Adults: Dark, unisex colours only. 
Children: All colours except very light colours.



Le Bon Beanie or any pattern of your choice.
All sizes.

Adults: Dark, unisex colours only. 
Children: All colours except very light colours.


Snoods / Scarves

We accept both snoods/cowls and scarves.
All sizes.

Adults: Dark, unisex colours only. 
Children: All colours except very light colours.


We accept fingerless gloves, gloves with fingers and mittens.
All sizes.

Adults: Dark, unisex colours only. 
Children: All colours except very light colours.


All sizes.
Any colour.

Toddler cowl

Little Snug Riding Hood for toddlers. 
Size as determined in pattern. 
Any colour except very light colours.


Hot water bottles + cover

All hot water bottle covers must come with hot water bottles.
Any colour, except white or cream.

Entire blankets

Entire blankets only.
Any size. 
Any colour, with minimal white or cream.
Please do not send individual squares.

2. Write a handwritten message

We have a new Knit Aid postcard which includes a message in Arabic. Your handwritten message may not be understood or translated immediately, and a message in a native language will help to make it feel even more personal. You can download a PDF of the postcards here, or write on your own card.

3. Check your donations fit our requirements

We have been specifically requested by refugees for all knitted clothing to be made in dark colours only, and preferably unisex colours. This is because they are living in camping conditions, with limited access to water, washing and drying clothing. Therefore, light coloured clothing will have a much shorter life and will go to waste.


Donations should not be lighter than the knits pictured.

  • Use dark coloured yarn, preferably unisex.
  • All ages and sizes welcome.
  • Crocheted donations welcome.
  • Use good quality yarn – the kind of knit you'd make for yourself or a loved one. Use super chunky wool when possible for extra warmth.
  • Weave in all ends before sending.
  • If you are writing a message with your donation, please attach it to each knitted donation with some yarn (no safety pins). You can write on any card, or download a Knit Aid postcard.
  • Ensure there is sufficient postage paid for your parcel when sending us your donations. We cannot pay for any charges and your package will be sent back to you. 
  • If you are posting from outside of the UK, please indicate on your customs label that your gift is for charity, so that we do not incur any custom charges. If we do, we will be unable to pay for them, and your package will be returned to you. 
  • If you'd like to be notified of the safe delivery of your package, please leave a slip with your name and email address inside the package.

4. Fill in a donations form and include it with your package

You can download and print the form here, or write your own note. This speeds up the process on our side once we receive your package. You can also write your email address on the form and we will notify you when your package has arrived safely.

5. Fill in the form below to automatically reveal the Knit Aid UK collection address.

We require this form so that we can monitor how many donations we will receive in this collection.

Name *

6. Help us fundraise to continue the work we do

We rely on our fundraiser to help fund the work we do with and for refugees across Europe and the Middle East. No matter how little or how much, every penny goes towards helping us to continue the work we do. Please use the donate button below or pay via Paypal to