Knit Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

When is your next collection deadline?

Please check the How to Help section of the website for up to date information for our next deadline.

You can help us to raise funds to continue to collect and distribute knitted donations through our fundraising page: 

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be notified of our collection dates.

Where can I send my handmade donations to?

Once our collection is open, please contact us letting us know how many and what kind of knitted donations you'll be sending. We'll reply and let you know which address to send them to.

What kind of knitted donations are you collecting?

We are currently collecting knitted donations for refugees in Europe and the Middle East who have fled from countries affected by war and conflict. You can find out about exactly what we are collecting on our How to Help page.

Will you only be donating to the Calais Refugee crisis?

We started our donations with the Calais Refugee crisis, but with the help of our wonderful knitters we've been able to send knitted donations to other locations in France, as well as Greece, Jordan, Turkey and Syria. We will continue to distribute to where is needed most. 

Can I crochet donations?

Yes, you certainly can! All we ask is that the clothing you crochet is warm and made of good quality yarn. The kind that you'd make for yourself or someone you love.

Where do profits go?

Knit Aid is a non-profit social enterprise. All profits from your purchases go towards helping to run our organisation and fund the work we do with refugees.

Our work includes: 

  • Sending your handmade donations to refugee camps for distribution
  • Running Knit Aid workshops for resettled refugees in the UK
  • The day-to-day running and management of Knit Aid

What is your relationship with Wool and the Gang? Do any of your profits go to them?

100% of the profits from all of our sales go towards funding the work we do within Knit Aid. None of our profits go to Wool and the Gang or any other partners. Knit Aid is a social enterprise run by two volunteers, Shahnaz and Karen. We both used to be Gang Makers for Wool and the Gang, but moved on to set up Knit Aid. Wool and the Gang help us by donating their yarn they can no longer use, and we repurpose them in different ways that benefit refugees in some way. Their off-cuts don't go to waste, and we can save on costs where needed – so it's win-win for both!